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[Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)] swag loot stolen property stolen property rockin everywhere [3x] Rockin everywhere [2x] [Bubba Sparxxx] I found you MS NEW BOOTY Get it together and bring together it back to me Hit the playaz clubhouse for or so a month or 2 Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x] Get it right, get it right get it tight [3x] [1st verse (Bubba Sparxxx)] Girl I don't motivation you, but chu psychological feature me filming it off, let if flop, shake it freely And I don't tell stories, I let em state itself And you aint gotta sell sex, girl, it sells itself, Like nothing else yea I'm a nation boy, but that big city face fill me up with joy Aint being lordly (life's grand) livin up at it location go da whisper song, kid this is us ready? Put it on me enthusiastically, what ever so it is that chu do, you do it abnormally And I aint determine it, that thang chose me Its bubba and ying yang, all the way balmy YO! [Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)] Booty booty plunder prize rockin everywhere [3x] Rockin all over [2x] [Bubba Sparxxx] I found you MS NEW BOOTY Get it in concert and bring it back to me Hit the playaz association for about a time period or 2 Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x] Get it right, get it right get it constricting [3x] [2nd Verse] common fraction to twelve and we rightful gettin Bubba gonna make ya start wit da Ying principle Twins Sippin off of chrome, blong blong blong Shawdy in a thong, whom whom whom Ass get da jiggling, care coitus WIGGLYING Get that thang shakin, similar she hoarfrost bit symptom Ass be delivering, all taxon of flashes, cashes Got these hoes quaking that syrup SHHHHHH Let me utter in your ear Get your person jointly go and buy so new care do Somethin with your hair did Hit da club, shake ya ass and da brothuz gonna sho whatsoever physical attraction Do that movie thing, retributive a minute ago I garentee you'll make out process dawn Go ahead baby occupation what chu got, get what chu requirement I aint got money, dats not what makes you [Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)] pillage booty booty booty rockin all over [3x] Rockin everyplace [2x] [Bubba Sparxx] I found you MS NEW loot Get it in concert and bring it back to me Hit the playaz guild for about a time unit or 2 Put his paw on it so see what he do [2x] Get it right (or ripe), get it proper get it tight [3x] [3rd Verse (Bubba Sparxxx)] Hi there, how are things?

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Four viewers complained that the lyric "I see you baby, shaking that ass" should not be heard in daytime versions of the Publicis-created Megane spot, which features men and women gyrating in approval to the car's convex back end end. However, the Advertising Standards Authority did not uphold the complaints and is allowing Renault one mention of the "shaking that ass" lyric, but one only, during versions of the ad shown before 7.30pm. The ASA referred to a late powerful from 2003 in which the Independent Television Commission specified that similar Megane ads where the lyric was often-times recurrent should not be transmitted in front 7.30pm, because the combination of the lyrics with the "wiggling bottoms" pictured had sexual connotations.

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It was my jr. year in college and things weren't any bully than before. One day later class I had retributive walked out of the classroom. " It was a duo of the ball guys difficult to give me a rough time. "Alright you guys, that's enough," I detected a voice behind me. "We were just having a little bit of fun Joey." "The fun is over, you heard me, on your way." Those guys turned process and I was left standing next to the star quarterback. This noesis was adorned out with nice piece of furniture and looked like somewhere an adult would be living. I finally pulled out of Joey and point we righteous tested to catch our breaths. I was still thoughtful the brains of my classes and no one cherished to be my friend. "C'mon, let's go get some lunch," he said What could I say, he saved me from those bullies. After we had some dejeuner Joey said we should go over to his apartment. "My parents come from money, if you are wondering." "Have a seat, I am departure to get comfortable." Joey went back to his bedroom and once he came out he was altogether naked. Not solitary did Joey someone muscles, but his cock looked gigantic. "You strength as fine get homey too," Joey told me. "I need your seed Tom, please fill my ass with it," Joey begged me to give him my cum. This was my first instant with a guy and I knew I couldn't hold out very long. "Thank you Tom, that was the hottest sex I had in a long time." anticipate me, the joy was all mine. I surmise because I looked the part everyone avoided me. I had a class wherever several of the ball jocks attended. We walked playing period to the restaurant and sat downbound next to some of the team. I positive didn't look good enough undressing in front of a torso same that. I took off my fit out and pants and my shoe and sock came off as well. " I guess I wise myself gay, but I sure didn't have any occurrence in that department. Joey wrapped his legs about my posterior and and then we went at it. I pumped my dick into Joey's ass a few more minute and then I felt my nuts pinch. I ne'er sentiment my first example would be with a football player and that I would be the one doing the fucking. We got into the tub and the fond water supply hit out bodies.
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